Apps to support children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities

What We Do

Lanovaz Lab develops and distributes apps to improve accessibility to high-quality services for children with developmental disabilities and their families.

We rely on peer-reviewed research and artificial intelligence to propose technological solutions to facilitate the delivery of individualized services for each child.

Marc Lanovaz
Marc J. Lanovaz
Founder and CEO of Lanovaz Lab
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Received a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the prestigious McGill University in 2011 and currently holds a professorship at the School of Psychoeducation of the University of Montreal. He has been working with children with developmental disabilities for nearly 20 years and has published more than 40 articles and chapters on the topic.


The iSTIM is a standalone iOS app for iPhones and iPods designed to support parents in reducing stereotypy, often referred to as self-stimulatory behavior or “stimming”, in their child with autism or other developmental disabilities.

  • The algorithms and design of the iSTIM have been validated by multiple research studies (Cook et al., 2019; Préfontaine et al., 2019; Trudel et al., 2019)
  • Behaviors targeted by the iSTIM include repetitive vocalizations, mouthing non-edible items, hand flapping, body rocking, object tapping, twirling, and more
  • The iSTIM was specifically designed to reduce stereotypy with a high to very high frequency that interferes with learning, social integration or daily functioning

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iSTIM Coming Soon!

Preview some of the iSTIM app features. Available on iPhone and iPod.

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The PA-DTI is an iOS app for iPads designed to teach basic concepts to children with developmental disability using discrete trial instruction.

  • Using the PA-DTI can reduce costs of early intervention programs for children with developmental disability
  • The PA-DTI can allow schools to provide more individualized instruction to each child without additional staff in the classroom
  • Professionals can customize many parameters of PA-DTI (e.g., reinforcement schedule, error correction procedure, trial presentation) to individualize their teaching programs for each child

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PA-DTI Now Available!

Preview some of the PA-DTI app features. Available on iPad.

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iSTIM frequently asked questions

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PA-DTI frequently asked questions

Can the PA-DTI replace my child’s professional team or educators?

What can I teach with the PA-DTI?

Will my child be able to apply the skills learned with the PA-DTI in real life?

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